Headlight Restoration


Highlight restoration is the process of refinishing old headlights. We offer Headlight restoration kit which can be easily used by an average person, this kit helps you to clean your foggy headlights. It contains all necessary products that we use professionally in servicing. With the help of this kit, an average person can do the restoration work on their foggy and cloudy headlights. Firstly you just have to wet-stand lens, then polish the cloudy and rusty headlights lens with unique and high-quality fine cut polish, after that with pre-treater spray clean off your headlight lens, then the final step is to seal your headlight lens and get a new look. Our main objective is to provide the high-quality service to our customer, so with this kit, you can get a lot benefit.

If you want to restore your headlight and want an entirely new look you must know these 2 steps to service correctly,

  • Firstly, you need to accurately wet-sand the lens of the headlight, the reason is that it requires the virgin plastic then you can reverse the same process in order to clean the rust of the lens.
  • Secondly, you must have an OEM quality sealer because all headlights are prepared from polycarbonate plastic which is spongy and porous, if you will not seal and clean your headlights then it will become foggy all over again very quickly.

Benefits of headlight restoration: There are numerous benefit of headlight restoration, it removes scratches that are the main reason of dullness, it repair the rusty and dull lenses, help you to maintain and increase the overall look as well as value of your vehicle, boost visibility, increase safety, save your money and you don’t have to buy a new headlight which can be expensive and most importantly improves the performance of your vehicle and add sparkle.